Pakistan is a country of remarkable people. People who have contributed immensely to our progress and development. People who have inspired us and are the heart and soul of our nation.

In the 70th year of Pakistan and Jang, we invite you to choose, vote and celebrate 70 Heroes of Pakistan from the 7 decades of our existence without whom Pakistan would not be the same.

We have shortlisted 10 categories for you where you get to choose the top 7 from each category, determining the 70 Heroes of Pakistan.


Politics, Sports, Education, Science & technology, Business, Media Military, Arts & Literature, Social Welfare, Miscellaneous.

What to do?

Logon to 70heroes.com

Nominate and vote for the heroes you think should be celebrated.

12th August 2017, at 5 p.m.

Pakistan’s 70 Heroes will be announced on

14th August 2017 in Jang and The News.